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Try ISLAM is a new Islamic Mission. There are two different departments that work together to propagate and teach Islam to the non-Muslims.



This department is in charge of conferences, debates, doctrines research and publications. This department is not working to promote a specific Islamic congregation. It is only to show to the people the way of life of the noble prophet Muhammad SAW. We are also ready to provide lessons concerning the etiquettes and virtues of the five pillars of ISLAM. The site will progressively display the teachings and warnings from the publications of Professor Ibrahim Ibn Kiyaya wa Moossa. It serves to assist leaders of families, kingdoms, universities, tribes, nations and people of all levels to understand Islam. Many will feel shame to practice Islam openly in the beginning; This department will help them by postal services and visits.


This department was established to work as a charitable program to provide for the needs of those who are persecuted and abandoned because of their new convictions. We understand that Muslims are also organized and living under the patron of different congregations. The newly reverted to ISLAM qualify to receive support from true Muslims and Muslims with strong faith can also help them to build these new lives. They need to be guided by those who know the policies of different Islamic systems.  EKRAM MISSION’S mission is to provide guidance and support to new Muslims. Each Muslim who knows what Islam stands for has a duty to work for the unity, strength and integrity of the Muslim Ummah (people). In Islam unity produces strength but there can be no unity without love. We are calling people to ISLAM with a firm strategy of saving them from the evil of this world. Every new Muslim should contact us and we will show him how to be a true Muslim. We are equipped  to help new Muslims reforming themselves and their lives in order to achieve correct belief, a sound body, good character, cultured thought, an honest livelihood, well organized use of time and resources and a strong feeling of brotherhood with other believers. Special attention will be given to women and youngsters who have shifted from Christianity, Hinduism and idol worshiping.