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The Sketch Biography of Professor Ibrahim Ibn Kiyaya Wa Moossa


The founder  of is former Reverend Abraham Kiyaya -  Chaplain Chief of the Excellency L.Desire Kabila’s  National  Service (SN). He specially served his mentor and adoptive father, the noble Army General  Denis Kalume Numbi.

He  was  born  at  1964 in Camp Thatshi in Kinshasa when his biological father the Reverend Pastor Kiyaya Maurice was serving in the house of the Marechal Mobutu of the ex-Zaire as Operator and Military Intelligence Service Officer. After his secondary studies, he joined the Military Academy and completed his infantry training at the famous Military of Kitona. He was also trained by American, Israeli and Belgian Armies under the Strong control of the Excellency Kayembe Mbandankulu at CEDU (Kitona) and as Special Agent under the patron of different great Officers of the SARM (Military Intelligence Service for Action and Investigations) during the cold war. Ibrahim abandoned the Baptist Church and joined the Pentecostal faith and became a Soldier-Evangelist. The Rulers of Zaire decided to prepare him as Chaplain with the collaboration of the Baptist Church. After his Theological studies, the ECC ordained him as sacerdotal Priest and the Chaplain hood appointed him as the Chaplain in Charge of  Special Units. He served as Pastor of different following Tabernacles: Kokolo, Mbaya, Chanic, SN, Badiadingi and Vangu  at Lubumbashie. With three degrees of Theology and several Biblical Schools Diplomas, Ibrahim became an portant Professor of Theology, Governor of Bandundu Province, General Oecumenic Chaplain in the National Service and Chaplain in charge of the Defense Department. However, after years of working in this environment, he became disillusioned with those who used religion and the Church as a political weapon and business tool. He resigned from the Priesthood and started to search for true religion and God. This search led him to South Africa, where he discovered Islam through an organisation called the Tabligh Jamaat of Grey Street in Durban in January 2006.