The Chaos

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The distortion of  Islam is not possible, because Allah Himself has made a promise to protect the Holy Quran which is the final, most clear, powerful and complete Revelation of God. It  provides the Islamic doctrine, which is in perfect harmony with all the Prophets’ teachings :

The Oneness of GOD (There  is none worthy of  worship except  Allah)

To  accept the  Prophets of Allah, and to believe in their messages from Allah

To  believe in the Hereafter, in life after death, in the Day of accountability and in the existence of Paradise (Jannah) and Hell (Jahannam).

The remarkable fact about Islam  is that it is exactly the  same all over the world. The laws of the Shari’ah (ruling system) explains every aspect of Islamic practice and day-to-day experience. Thus it Is easy to understand why Islam is described as not just a religion – but a way of life

Previous Prophets were also given laws that pertained to that specific group of people or that period in time. Although some Prophets adopted previous laws, to lead their people, Muhammad (peace be upon him) was given a complete, perfect set of laws and guidelines by Allah, so that all Muslims thereafter would follow one Islam. Thus, the way to SUCCESS for every Muslim has been made clear, and is specified in such explicitly beautiful detail that it  cannot be the work of man. 


The nature of chaos in Christianity 


Unlike Islam, Christianity  is a religion, corrupted by human hands. Slanderers have besmirched the original teachings of Jesus (Prophet Isa) in order to misguide unsuspecting people. The present condition of the people of the Church and  their society have caused them to be the modern Sodom and Gomorra. Recently,  Dr. Peter Hammond, confessed that Christians need to “wake up to the urgent  and serious crisis (in Christianity). Most churches are asleep or in apostasy. The world is rushing by on its way to hell, and yet our prayer meetings are sparsely attended and lacking in fire and fervor” (In Christian Action 2006, Vol 2 - Peter Hammond is the Professor of Theology and Author of  The Great Century of Reformation and slavery, Terrorism and Islam”).

Peter Hammond knows that Christianity has stepped into total chaos and that there is no cure for it. The decline of Christianity was found already in the indigenous centuries after the assassination of the Apostles. The present Chaos of Christianity is not an accident, but the result of a mixture of wrong beliefs and paganism in religion.Catholics, Protestants, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Anglicans, Mormons, Christian Scientists, and Jehovah Witnesses are all are found to be contradictory to the following the following theological Schools: Neo-Orthodox, Reformers, Armenian Theology, Lutheran, Calvinism, Socinianism, Gotian Theology, Liberal  Theology, Charismatic Theology, and African Theology.  All these ideologies and followers fight among themselves and criticize their different Bibles. Even the most genius theologians  such as Scheiermarcher,  Ritschl,  Von Harnack,  Bushnell,  Rauschenbush, Berkhof, Charles Hodge, B.B. Walfield, A. Reese, J.D. Pentecost,  A. Kuyper,  K.Barth,  Soren Kierkegaard, Rudolph Bultman, G.Hegel,  Kant  failed to bring out a unified and specific speech concerning issues such as The Proper Theology (Theology of GOD), The Divinity of  Christ, the Depravity,  Election,Atonement  of  Christ,  Grace,  Sovereignty  of  God,  The Script, Predestination,  salvation,  Church, Baptism, Atonement as Ransom to Satan, Recapitulation, Moral influence, Accidents and Governmental Example. They all opposed each other. Many abominations are accepted, worshipped and established in the church. The Priesthood has been accused over time of a number of crimes. These include the assassinations of American Presidents’ Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.Today, Priests have also made the news with stories of molestation and pedophilia. 


 The problem with The Bible


Reason 1 :  Christianity is in trouble because the Bible is not the word of GOD

Reason 2 :  Doctrines in Christianity are not the commands of GOD, but the opinions of men.

Reason 3 : People are opposing each other because they knows that the Main Churches are only spreading lies

Reason 4 : The Third world people have now understood that Christianity is only a strategy to infiltrate their countries.

Because we must all know the truth about the Origin of the Bible and the Fallibility of the Bible so that if a man reject the Holy Quran, Allah God may judge him accordingly, because he denied the truth for lies. 

Every reasonable man and woman knows that there are problems in Churches. African Theology already rejected the Occidental Theology because Africans know that Apartheid, wars, colonialism and savagism are the creation of the western Churches. Even the younger generation in Europe now understands that Churches have not fully succeeded in creating a good and safe environment for their followers. There is a big problem of teaching based on the nature, authenticity, the inspiration and authorship of the Bible as authoritative Book. Every Christian who claims to follow Christ, should know how he was praying, what he was doing, what style of life he consigned for his followers to apply. The Bible do not inform people clearly about it, but Paul only asked people to follow him.

So many Bibles are printed but Christians don’t know exactly which one is right. The Samaritan Old Testament is different to the Hebrew copies, and the Roman Catholic Bible is different to the King James Version. The Jehovah Witnesses printed their own with changes and falsifications to suit them. This problem is the origin of the doctrinal polemic in Christianity. We do not find a clear Message from God in all the New Testaments because the true teachings of Jesus-Christ were removed from the Bible and the current narration concerning his life is doubtful.

In Africa this problem is catastrophic; Cornelius Olowala (one of the main Theologian of Africa) do not see people in Africa following Christ or having any information concerning the Messiah. The white man who came with the news that Christ is himself incapable to apply his teaching identified in the SERMON ON THE MOUNTAIN (Matthew 5). Olowala said: “ We (Christians) in Africa need to go once along the roads of Galilee and amid the crowed streets of Jerusalem. Christianity is Christ and we must examine His life if we are to understand our faith” (Cornelius Olowala in his The Person and work of Christ, in “African Theology”, ed, Ngwa, Shaw, 1998).

Even the most stupid man in the world will soon understand that Christianity does not provide a standard of doctrine that believers should follow. The fact of the matter is that today’s Christians are not following Jesus and they do not have proper reference of respect and good leadership from him. The King James version of the Bible displayed Jesus as a boy without respect for his parents. In John 2:3-4; he chastises his mother publicly as follows: “…Woman! What have I to do with you ? My hour is not yet come”.  And in Matthew 12:47-49, it is written that: ”Some one told him (Jesus), Your mother and brothers are standing out side, waiting to speak to you. He replied to him,” who is my mother and who are my brothers ?” Pointing to his disciples, he said: “here are my mother and my sisters”.  He called a Canaanite who asked for help ” a dog”  in Matthew 15, and insulted people “ you foolish people ” in Luke 11:40.  Here is the evidence to show that the Bible is wrong and we do not  mention the pornographic episode of the Prophet Noah that Biblical writers painted as a drunkard who had sexual relationships with two of his daughters… (To be continued).

First Warning

Generations of people, nations and families are destroyed because of bad leaders, parents and friends. In the past the people of the church deceived thousands of emperors, kings, presidents, leaders and parents. They left this world without preparation concerning the day of judgment.  Adolph Hitler followed the Vatican and served the Roman Catholic Church. Imagine now his condition with the blood of millions of innocent women, children, civilians and Jews that he killed. Readers, you must wake up and have the courage to tackle these disbelievers! if something is wrong  you must fight it. Do not support people who are living  under the curse and anger  of God.